dresshowyoudrinkWe love drinking and by law we are obligated to dress.
“How about Bahama Mama Bacardi ;)”

we will be drinking this all night to get a feel for it’s style, it will be up soon ;)

-Dress How You Drink.

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“I absolutely love your tumblr!!! Could you style me up with some rum? thanks xo”

After just finishing a bottle of rum we have enough information to style you up!

-Dress How You Drink. 

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Tooheys Extra Dry Beer (Women’s)


Fresh off the tap or in a long neck you’ll always be refreshed when drinking Tooheys Extra Dry Beer.

Wear this styling outfit and you’ll be off the tap.

-Dress How You Drink L.M.J.

Tooheys Extra Dry Beer (Men’s)


Tooheys Extra Dry Beer has a crisp taste. Tooheys also known as TED drink this and you’ll always feel refreshed.

Have you met TED is what your mates will be saying when you wear this crisp outfit all you mates will be shouting you a beer.

-Dress How You Drink L.M.J.

ASK :)

Here at Dress How You Drink we are keen to drink up! 
so drop us an ask about what drink you would like us to style for you!

-Dress How You Drink. L.M.J 

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Jack Daniel’s Honey (Women’s)

Jack Daniel’s Honey, with this new blend of bitter-sweet honey but still the same original taste of Tennessee whiskey! 

Wear this and you’ll be the sweetest girl out! 

-Dress How You Drink. L.M.J. 

Jack Daniel’s Honey (Men’s)

Jack Daniel’s latest adds a hint of honey liquor to take the edge off the potent Tennessee whiskey. Not for serious whiskey drinkers, but nice for a summery cocktail or a lazy afternoon on the porch.

With this outfit you’ll be buzzing like a bee!

-Dress how you Drink. L.J.M.

Midori (Men’s)

All the sweet chicks will find you with this super bright style.

-Dress How You Drink L.M.J 

Midori (Women’s)


Midori is a muskmelon flavoured cordial liqueur that is extremely sweet. 

Wear this outfit and you’ll be the sweetest chick out!

-Dress How You Drink L.M.J

“Hey lovely, thanks for the follow! Also, I have a request: Jack Daniel's Tennessee honey.”

No worries! :)
after a long weekend of testing this drink we sure will :) 

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